Monday, 11 August 2014

Shit from the pit

Here's the third shoddy collection of even shoddier pics taken with an alcohol-fuelled shoddy iPhone. 

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Clearly, it’s not some kind of high art or pro quality photo journalistic tour de force. more like a pissed haze captured on the hoof while jigging, jostling, jagering and joyously sweating on the cider-sticky floors of gloomy stygian rooms filled with passionate noise and passion. 

The image quality is questionable, but the moments themselves often magical and moving.

All the images are copyright free so feel free to steal, borrow, circulate, or to get tattooed on your buttocks, genitals or face. 

I still can’t quite put into words how i stilll get off on the dirty, nosiy, honest and 
heart-warming bands, acts, characters and assholes who ply their trades with integrity and dedication in shit bunkers up and down the country, night after night. hopefully this latest battered and bruised collection of images goes at least half way to capturing the mereset whiff of the soul, sentiment and smell of just some of the acts i’ve been lucky enough to haul my old arse in front of over the last few months. 


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