Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Short. Live. Review. Of. The. People. The. Poet. At. The. Social. In. Just. Fifteen. Words.

The Heartbreaks *****
The People The Poet *****
Gallery Circus *****

The Social, London 13th May 2014

Tiny. Thin. Subterranean. Packed. Industry folk. Beards. Hush Puppies. Huw Stephens. Blitz Kids. Deaf Havana.

Gallery Circus *****
Royal Blood/White Stripes. Sorry. Guitar. Drums. Identical. Twins. The Darkness. Tim Buckley. Energy. Interesting.

The People The Poet *****
Harmonies. Banter. Tunes. Woos. Oohs. Integrity. Soul. Growls. Smiles.  Anthems. Future. Stars. Grounded. Bloody. Brilliant.

The Heartbreaks *****
Joyless. Derivative. Backward-looking. Pusillanimous. Indie. Dire. Po-faced. Tired. Nothing new. Waste of time.

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