Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tube disaster

Rosa Valle

The Star Of Kings
Kings Cross
Tuesday August 16th

Missed the supports. Bugger. Because I love Rosa Valle. Got there comically as the very last note of their mathmosh set was decaying into the ether. Hurrumph.

Don't know who LA2019 is. But some geezer at the bar said he wasn't bad.

Wish I'd missed Tubelord.

Technically competent. Freaky looking singer. A bit like Placebo. But not as good. Crowd enthusiastic. And achingly trendy. Nice sweaty venue. Nothing much more to report. Meh.

Really exciting noobs Real Adventures next week, followed by Deftones, Animals as Leaders and Pulled apart by Horses. Hurrah!

More tunes soon. Bwoooar!
cock watch.

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