Monday, 14 February 2011

Lip up fatty

Haven't been to a gig in aeons, but looking forward hugely to next week's party at The Garage with cheeky Beds boys Don Broco and the simply superb Proceed.

In the meantime, here's a review of Don Broco's stunning and great fun mini-ep/lp/collection of loveliness Big Fat Smile.

Big Fat Smile *****
Don Broco
Released 14/02/11

It's cold and drizzly outside. Still suffering from overspending over the festive period. Threats of double dips and rhetoric and guff about Big Society. Sod it all, put a raucous smile on the fizzog; get this mini album. And get it on.

It's fun, energetic, technically great, wonderfully heavyish in parts, original and as catchy as a leaked virus from a secret government centre somewhere in Surrey.

Poptastic refrains and smirkworthy lines abound in the cheeky classics 'Dreamboy' (with a seriously killer riff) and 'Beautiful Morning'. Compound timings, counterpoint, addictive hooks and Ska-like interludes all punctuate yet mightily hold together this terrific feel-good offering.

'I'm Good' and 'Do What We Do' are cracking songs by any standard and prove there's far more to these lads than a tongue-in-cheek party band. This lot are destined to party hard, oh yes; but with playing and tuneage like this, there's definitely a hidden gem in amongst the apparent froth. Although, even to suggest froth is as disingenuous as it is inaccurate.

The musicianship is totally splendid throughout and paints a heady backdrop to Rob Damiani's quirky (and at times Lloyd Grossman-like) vox. I can't wait to see this lot next week and am looking forward to big fat party tunes and big fat smiles all round.

A Must buy. And an antidote to all of life's poo. Well most of it.

Saying all that, next week, for me, is really about the majestic and brilliant Proceed.

Dan Lancaster must have one of the very best voices in The Uk and the band are my personal favourite in the universe at the moment. So here's a little indulgence...some acoustic/solo stuff from Dan and two great fun covers.

Ooh I can't wait. Said in a very camp way. Obviously.

More tunes soon. Bwoooar!

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