Sunday, 31 October 2010

Odds, sods and dogs. Some new tuneage.

Haven't been to a gig for a wee while, so little to report on the live front. However, I'm seeing the mighty, frightening, ridiculous, horrid, amazing, nauseating, sublime, ridiculous and incomparable Dillinger Escape Plan on Friday (did I mention ridiculous?); so if I'm still alive after being dipped into their Dantéan cauldron, then I'll try and scribe something.

In the meantime, I thought I'd just put a wee collection of some varied stuff on board the good ship Bwoooar. Some brilliant, some middling, some, well, just interesting. 

Let's start with the brilliant I've seen the Butcher from Deftone's latest long player. Get a load of this:

Next up, the new one from The Shikari machine from St Albans City. Still not too sure after their stunning debut three or four years back, but this one seems to be getting them back closer to where they should be. I think. Well, maybe...see what you think...

Next up is a live performance from the terrific Aussie boys Karnivool. This was from their support set for Skindred last year and I like it. So there. Seeing them at Le Scala in December - should be great.

In the words of David Coverdale (without the swears), here's a song for you. The official promo for collapsing Cities off Sam's latest long player. Not the best track on the LP, but catchy, hummable and very good live..

Fresh from their support slot with Mr Duckworth, here are the brilliant Xcerts with the catchy, lively and infectious Young (Belane) of their fabulous recent album. 

And finally, here's something a bit different, the original, mixed up vibes of Tiger Please. A terrific UK band with a podgy Welsh singer and some big tuneage. Deserve to be big. Enjoy.

That's it for the mo. Still loving Proceed more than anything though.

Oh, and check out io at for some pretty stunning post rock ambience and nurdling. Their new album MATERIOPTIKON is well worth a listen.

Oh go on then, here's a vid:

More tunes soon. Bwoooar!

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